Grape disease and the fight against it

Grape bushes often get sick and people do not think that a common disease can completely destroy the whole bush. One of the most dangerous of these diseases is Ondium. It is a disease that completely destroys the bush in a very short time. Symptoms of the disease are when the leaf begins to turn yellow, gives it a slightly discolored appearance, the crop begins to slowly blacken and is destroyed. If we try to clean it by hand, we will feel a symptom of aroma and an unpleasant odor.

Ondium is a very common disease, especially if it is hot or humid outside. It is important to start the fight against the disease when only the leaves are infected. It is recommended to treat it with prophylaxis 10 liters of water. This solution should completely cover the grape leaves so that we can feel some change afterwards. It should be kept in a dry place. If moisture has suddenly fallen into the solution under some circumstances, it is forbidden to use it any more, as it complicates the situation.

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