Manfix Manual

“Manfix Manual” device is designed to tie vine to the wire and also to attach 2 parallel wires to each other. It has three hooks with different diameter holes which allow to keep vine attached firmly to the wire and not to be harmed at the same time. The third hook makes possible to attach vine to the wire in parallel or vertical position as well as to tie larger diameter branches.

  • The “Manfix Manual” device has a special hole for neck strap for comfortable use.
  • The “Manfix Manual” device can be used both in viticulture and in other agriculture sectors (rose, tomato, bean, kivi and other).
  • The clips for “Manfix Manual” device are made of durable but flexible, high density and eco-friendly plastic (PP), endure to the sun and winds and are decomposing in soil.
  • The clips are disposable and never break. Withstands extreme temperatures.  Remains on trellis system during mechanical harvesting. Easily pruned off. It stays tied until the new season.
  • Each dispenser holds 170 clips.
  • Fully loaded dispenser weights 120 grams only.

Gardeners who use “Manfix Manual” device, do 900 ties per hour, which is five times faster then tying in traditional way.

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