How to Cover Grapes…

We all know that grape bushes are closed in autumn so they can withstand cold temperatures and survive until spring. Many people, and even myself, have thought that this should be done in the deep autumn. But it turns out that there is no precise time to do it. This should only be done in very cold weather, because if it is autumn and still warm, then closing the grape you damage its fruit, which damages the whole bush.

It should close in September, if the weather is already cold then this is the right time. Before closing, several actions must be taken: cutting, baking, grafting, care. This should be done 1-2 weeks before closing. Before covering, it is possible to grape the bushes, especially the wood, and to put under them large wood or stone so that they do not completely touch the ground. Because in winter the snow melts and it absorbs that snow water and as a result it is transferred to the grape from which it grows. Then the grapes begin to become useless.

This material says that there are many ways to cover the grape bush, but in this material a box is used, yes the ordinary box cuts and thus covers the grape. It is imperative that after covering, the sides should be dug and the soil filled in the box and the holes created so that the bush can be more secure in winter. This is for a warm temperature preserve, because when the box covers the grapes and leaves plenty of soil, there will naturally be differences between the outside and the inside so the bush will be better conditions.

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