Welcome to “Manfix Systems”!

Since 1995 we have been the wholesale vineyard and orchard supply choice of many vine growers from different countries. “Manfix Systems” has the vineyard and orchard supplies and equipment you need in addition to winery, orchard, farm and nursery supplies.

We provide a unique, high quality and patented line of products for the agricultural sector, for everything related to vine tying, storing and wine making.

Commercial growers benefit from the speed at which the “Manfix Systems” can be applied, saving over 70% in labour costs.

Whether you grow acres of grapevines, apple orchards, or simply enjoy gardening in your backyard, “Manfix Systems” has a product that is right for you!

We are proud to offer the “Manfix Systems” to growers as an alternative to using traditional and labour-intensive methods of fastening vines and other plants to support systems.

You will love our low prices and high service levels!

Remember with “Manfix Systems” you will save your time and money!!!!


Lasertech products

  • The «Manfix Gun» loaded with 50 clips weighs
    200 grams
  • Cartridge with 50 clips weighs
    50 grams
  • The duration of tying with «Manfix Gun» is
    2 seconds

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